Meet Sam

Overcoming Addictions

By Deacon Dave Larrabee

Sam was at the Lamb Center on and off for almost four years. During that time, he went through a number of treatment programs, but he had trouble staying sober and keeping a job. As a Navy veteran, he had been working with Veteran Affairs to get into its recovery program… but was unable to do so. He heard about the success another guest, Dave, had with sobriety at a Church Army program in Branson, Missouri and asked if we could send him there. We did. After being in Branson for about a month, Sam called to let us know that he is sober and doing very well in his recovery program.

Sam told us about the fear and tears he had the day he left to go to Missouri. Even though his fear of change was great, his desire for a change in his life was greater.

“Hey, I am been 3 months sober. Wow Wee! I am a much happier human being today. Being clean hurts a lot at first…but God kisses the hurts in a way only He can do. The result? I’m a miracle in the works. I miss everyone and I’m looking forward to seeing all of you…going to Bible Studies and AA Meetings. Love you all.”

The names and photos have been changed to protect the dignity of those involved.

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