Prepare a Meal


Please provide enough food for 130 guests including protein, starch, and vegetable/salad by 11am. Please include a beverage. Desserts are optional.

Entrée Ideas

  • Protein-rich casseroles
  • Soups/stews
  • Lentils or beans
  • Whole wheat pasta with meat
  • Sandwiches- turkey, ham, tuna, or egg salad

Starch Ideas

  • Potatoes-regular or sweet
  • Brown rice

Vegetable Ideas

  • Large salads
  • Steamed or fresh vegetables

Beverage Ideas

  • Bottled water


Please provide enough food for 50 guests by 8am.

Breakfast Guidelines

  • Protein-rich casseroles, burritos, or breakfast sandwiches
  • Individual yogurts
  • Oatmeal with fruit
  • Diced fruit
  • Milk and/or juice

Sign Up!

If you are interested in preparing breakfast or lunch for our guests, please email our volunteer manager at