Our History

The Lamb Center, a daytime, drop-in center for homeless individuals, was opened in November 1992 as a ministry of Truro Anglican Church. The center opened in a 3,000 square foot room over a pawnshop on Lee Highway in Fairfax, Virginia.

In its first year and a half of operations more than 2,000 individuals made over 5,000 visits to the Lamb Center. The original Lamb Center provided coffee, some meals, showers, fellowship, Bible studies, and laundry services.

Although our locations have changed in the recent decades and our services have expanded, The Lamb Center staff and volunteers continue to be in fellowship with individuals who are experiencing homelessness.

In 2000, The Lamb Center moved to rented office space on Old Lee Highway and expanded its services to include daily breakfast and lunch and some case management opportunities. The Bible study table and the chapel continued to be areas of focus.

Eventually, space constraints placed limitations on the ministries that could be conducted in that location and the search started for a new location for The Lamb Center.

An extensive search and fund-raising effort led to the May 2016 opening of The Lamb Center in its new two-story building on Campbell Drive in Fairfax, Virginia. Thanks to the generosity of volunteers, businesses, and many faith community partners this location has opened up many new opportunities to be in fellowship and service to our guests. New opportunities include an on-site dental clinic, clothing closet, expanded case management, job programs, and more.

Throughout its history, The Lamb Center has focused on sharing the love of Jesus Christ and serving together to address the needs of our guests. The original TLC director, Jim Barnes, said when we opened in 1992 we had no idea what services we would provide but the one thing we knew we would provide our guests was telling them about Jesus. He then said, what we found was our guests brought Jesus to us.