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Changed Lives

The Lamb Center is a place of action and a community of sharing with our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness. The  women and men that we meet inspire us to action, progress and, often times, solutions. Every one of them has a story worth sharing.


Something To Give

Jalissa looked like a deer in the headlights. I could tell it was her first day at the Lamb Center, and I briefly introduced her to the services available. Jalissa explained that she was newly homeless, having lived in her car for the past three months.

Kathryn’s Story

“The environment of love, of being able to walk into the Lamb Center and feel that I wasn’t being judged, that I really felt the love of God here,” Kathryn shares, is what made the difference in empowering her to start her journey of hope and transformation.

Prince’s Story

When Prince was released from incarceration, he was instantly homeless. At the Lamb Center, he received food, facemasks, and other assistance. “I know God has a lot of plans for me and I know that the Lamb Center is part of God’s plan in my life,” he said.

Alondra’s Story

Alondra had been homeless for 17 years, sleeping on the streets and trying to survive. “When I moved into a motel, I finally felt human,” she said. “I cried, prayed, and thanked God.”

“The Lamb Center is like a “reset” button for me. The staff, volunteers, and some of the guests, radiate the love and light of Christ to us and we have a choice one we’ve seen it, to radiate it back to others.”

– A Lamb Center Guest
The names and photos have been changed to protect the dignity of those involved.