Serving the poor and homeless, transforming lives, and sharing God’s love. That is our mission here at the Lamb Center. The question is, how do we continue to serve the poor and poor in spirit in light of Covid-19.

For most of our guests, the Lamb Center is their community, their family, the place they can come and be welcomed, get a meal, take a shower, get their clothes washed, get medical care, and meet with a case manager who can help them deal with their struggles. Without us, most have no place else they can go. In an effort to continue our services, we need your help!

What You Can Do

Make a Financial Contribution:

Your gifts will help us cover the unexpected costs of the extra measures that are being taken. You can set up a one-time donation or a recurring donation that will help provide food and supplies for individuals experiencing homelessness. Donations can be mailed to The Lamb Center, PO Box 1385, Fairfax, VA 22038-1385.

These uncertain times offer us the opportunity to practice true community, which often comes through taking responsibilities and actions that are hard. The Lamb Center family is resilient and we will get through this together.

For updated, accurate information about COVID-19, please refer to trusted medical sources: